Give to Get

“Stop selling. Start helping.” — Zig Ziglar

If you genuinely believe in your product or service you won’t ever have to sell a thing. You see what you are providing as the natural extension of what the world — or at least a subset of it — really needs to make their lives better. I know I do.

To get to the bottom of what we really sell, though, to know what it is we are really offering people, we have to get underneath the surface product or service we’re offering. Say you offer wedding planning services. You “sell” a lot of different things to your clients. You provide a list of vendors, who are in reality a group of quality professionals who can give great services in their own regards. You provide a timeline, which is really a way to move through the wedding weekend stress-free. You create events that are truly about making opportunities for your clients to spend time with family and friends. And so on.

Yes, you are offering specific services that people can see and touch, but what you are really giving to your clients are things that help them feel a certain way. People, including the great Zig Ziglar, believe that purchases are an emotional not logical decision. True. They are buying something that is going to make them feel happy, or relaxed, or respected. If you are selling something good, something with real merit, then you will have something for them that will help them get what it is they want.

When you think of your product or service, please, don’t sell it. Don’t sell the thing that you can take a picture of or shoot a video about. Don’t sell some thing. Tell the person what you are really trying to give them. Tell them what needs it will take care of for them. Tell them how it will help them. This is what they want to hear. And this is what should be driving you to do more of what you do.