10 Minute Happiness Makeover

Would you do two things each day – totaling just 10 minutes – if they could make you a little bit happier?

The first five minutes requires you to sit still with your eyes closed focusing on your breath.  I recommend an app, like Calm or 10% Happier, to guide you through the meditation and keep you accountable in the long run.

The second five minutes comes in three different parts.   Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky researched specific activities we can do to actually make ourselves happier. 

1.     Think about your blessings and gratitudes at the start of each day, then write them down. 

2.     Create a mindset to focus optimism toward situations, events, and future possibilities. 

3.     Get rid of the negative by deliberately limiting time spent dwelling on problems or unhealthy comparisons with others.

By focusing on these activities and mindsets we can get the brain to pay attention to the good in life, rather than the stressful.

Take 10 minutes, and go have a great day!

Sam Jacobson