Fast is Slow. Slow is Smooth

As more people get the entrepreneurial bug and start their own companies, conversations tend to focus too much on getting it to market quickly.  Current conventional wisdom is, if you have an idea or product concept you have to race to get it to the masses first or else you’ll never gain market share – or worse, someone will steal your idea and you’ll get nothing. 

But getting it to market fastest is not as important as taking care of your customers’ real needs and creating a solid process before introducing en masse. Making the buying experience better is really what today’s clients are interested in.  

So, if you are in a field that repeats workflow like stationary, catering, photography, staffing, or rentals, be sure to create an experience for each of your clients that’s fast, efficient and still one-of-a-kind. 

·      Write down what needs to be done

·      Break it down into how-to steps

·      Devise a process as if only one person is doing the work

·      Highlight the essential touch points for your clients, minimizing the back-and-forth as much as possible

·      Identify what parts can be assigned easily to others to free up your own time for only the most important work

·      Pick out who on your team will do the work

If you can set up an efficient system in the beginning, you can stay lean or grow when ever you want.  It’s much harder to start with a challenging system, undo it, and then reimagine and implement a new system.


Sam Jacobson