Win Through Contribution

The speakers we hear on stage at various conferences aren’t any brighter or more creative than you, they’ve just put more time into sharing their craft with others.  They aren't necessarily geniuses, just people whose temporary role is to push the conversation forward in a new direction.

You too can and should contribute.  If you want to learn something, start participating yourself. 

Consider joining your local Rising Tide Society, get involved with your local NACE chapter, or join a small-business owners group.  Learn from and teach each other what you need to be a better partner to others like you.

Start engaging the speakers you learn from and those colleagues you look up to on social media.  Keep the “social” in social media.  Carry on conversations with each other that have substance.  Tell people what you like about their content and how it inspires you.  When you post, share with your audience what you were shooting for, what or who inspired you, and who helped collaborate on the project – not just the vendor list, but those who made a real impact in your creative thinking process.

Win in the luxury wedding industry, by connecting, getting involved, and putting yourself out there!

Sam Jacobson