Engage More Through Storytelling

What makes a great story?  Connection with the characters, a little conflict to create some interest, a poignant theme, some wondrous scenery and a structure that keeps us engaged. 

If you can put your content together in an engaging story you’re much more likely to get people to remember what you’re telling them, which is so important in this content-rich environment.

Where you can you use stories in your business?

·      On your website, get past clients to tell their story to future prospects in a round-table or interview

·      Use stories in the sales process to highlight how you do things to make an impact on clients

·      At a networking event, convey your points in a story that sticks so the listener remembers you the next day

·      When someone refers a new client your way, ask the referral what the referrer said that made them inquire with you

·      Ask clients the most memorable part of their experience, and then incorporate their highs and lows into updates you make on the service/product

·      When you hire new team members, ask for stories and convey your own about workplace culture and what makes a great boss, team member, problem to overcome, and more

Sam Jacobson