In Co-Marketing We Trust

Want to shine with today's consumer?  Involve the client in co-creating the product and encourage the share-ability of the product with the end-user, her friends and potential client referrals.

Co-creation includes collaborating efforts between a company and its clients, or the company and its professional colleagues.  The act of collaborating conceives an outcome shared by both parties, which means both will feel they contributed their DNA to the product/service and therefore have a vested interest in its success. 

The other important part of the collaborative process is the relationship that’s formed during the creation of the product/service.  These bonds can be strong and lasting, leading to future professional collaborations and/or long-lasting, raving brand ambassadors.

What programs can you implement within these same strategies to gain maximum effect?

·      Focus on simplifying and clarifying the problem your company solves, and then hone in like a laser on this area.

·      When you get testimonials, prompt the client with a question about a specific aspect of your product/service you want to highlight.

·      Get video of your clients telling their story and your story.  Do it in a round table or one-on-one.

·      Create sticky stories for others to remember and retell.

·      Offer opportunities for current clients to see a reward for referring others.  Credit on future purchases is usually a good way to go. 

·      Tell the behind-the-scenes or creative process story in short snippets directed at potential consumers.

·      Take clients who represent growth areas for your company out to lunch for any insights they might want to share.

·      Beta test services, products, websites and general marketing material on your hyper-responsive brand ambassadors.

·      Share the “why” behind what you do with examples and genuineness.

·      Offer complimentary surprises and delights that people want to take pictures of and share on social media.

·      Co-design a party with other professionals in the wedding industry.  Even if you can do it all, invite others to participate.

·      Ask your VIP clients to help create marketing material with you.  Let them choose from photos, layouts, copy and images you already like, so it gives them a part in the creation.

·      Give referral clients special treatment and let them know it.  Keep the referrer aware of your process and provide updates on their referrals to build trust in referring you business.

·      Create and share best-in-class lists with current clients for other wedding needs.

In general, find your best clients and most vocal professional partners to do as much co-creating and co-marketing with as possible.  It will create a better product/service and forge relationships that will last a long time.


Sam Jacobson