The Complete Scorecard

Why do past approaches fail to grow sales?

The biggest challenge to getting your numbers to where you want them is wrapping your head around all the different factors that are contributing to the bride and groom’s decision. It’s not just one or two things, it’s scores of them.

In the beginning of the process, problem-finding is more important than problem-solving.

Only a comprehensive evaluation tool can reveal the reasons why you’re not getting the bookings you want. Like a doctor diagnosing a sick patient, you would benefit more with an analytical approach to your ailing sales activity using a list of questions aimed at exposing contributing factors. Marketing, sales, facility, and service all need to be reviewed to reveal the root causes you need to address.

What is your company doing to make it harder to achieve its goals?

Areas addressed through the evaluation include such hot topics as:

  • Why old standards for response time and approach are costing you business
  • Where your website is falling short of expectations
  • Why your inquiry process is out-dated and missing the mark
  • How you’re providing the wrong information at the wrong time in the wrong way
  • What your referral partners want but you’re not giving them
  • When your team is wasting their time networking at industry events
  • Why the proposals you turn out are turning off prospects when it matters most
  • How your brand comes up short when relating to today’s brides and grooms
  • When you're spending good money after bad on facility improvement
  • How salesperson’s personal brands are more important than ever
  • Where your pricing strategy fails to take advantage of slow and peak time periods
  • Why your social media accounts aren’t resonating
  • Ways you’re making it hard to book business when they’re interested
  • How you’re organizing sales and service personnel in ways that reduce success rates
  • Why you’re losing business because you won’t discount your luxury brand

What is the roadmap to more profits?

While issues that surface may be small or large, you can bet they all add up in the minds of the decision-makers who don't choose your venue. Knowing what is important to brides and grooms will give you insight into how you can make improvements to build your sales and get the company back on track. It’s the first step to gaining back the business you’ve been giving away.

Only when you learn where the destination is can you chart a course to reach your goal.