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Pricing is at the center of your sales success. I hear from a lot of other experts about their “way” to price. What they don’t tell you is that there’s not a universal method to pricing. Instead, let’s focus on seven principles that apply to ALL pricing strategies. It doesn’t matter what field you specialize in, are new or experienced in the event space, or serve standard, premium or luxury clients, you’ll find the recommendations in this guide will apply to your business.

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Sales Discovery

A common question from clients and attendees from my speaking engagements is, How do I stop getting ghosted? I can assure you there are great ways to follow up to get responses, but first you’ve got to do everything you can in the early stages to prepare the prospect to want your services more from the start. Building trust and learning their real needs is easy to do if you know how.

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The key to converting more business is to create compelling sales proposals. The buyer has made micro-commitments to get to the big reveal of how you’re going to meet their needs and what it’s going to cost. Don’t mess it up when it matters most. If you build a proposal with the seven key components I suggest you’ll find your conversion rate will go up and anxiety about getting the next piece of business coming in will go down.

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