Comprehensive Venue Evaluation

Who Needs One?

Weddings are big business for resorts and hotels. BIG business. One booking can bring tens of thousands in profits to your company – maybe more.

You know how many bookings your team is winning. Do you know how many potential clients you’re losing, though?

More importantly, do you know why you’re losing bookings?

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It's not my problem, they tell you

As the Boss, you know it’s your responsibility to boost the numbers. You rely on your team to give you answers, but they’re just pointing fingers at each other.

The marketing director says she needs a bigger advertising budget and the sales team isn’t converting the leads she’s bringing in.

The sales team says the website needs to be redone and the facility needs to be updated.

The owner says there’s no more money to improve the venue, so work with your internal team to improve the client experience.

The service team points out their excellent guest feedback scores and tells you the food doesn’t consistently “wow” wedding guests.

The Executive Chef straightens his tall, white chef hat when you ask about food quality, and then goes back to prepping his mis-en-plâce without saying a word.

No one on your team can capture the bigger picture that you need to make the right decision on how to get your wedding sales to meet budget expectations.


the cost of delaying

How long are you willing to wait to find answers on how to get more bookings? An even better question – with each lost client costing the company thousands in potential profits – is how long can you keep listening to failed ideas from your insulated and isolated department leadership?


Expert help

Good leaders like you know when it’s time to get expert help from outside the company. Hiring someone who can deliver a comprehensive evaluation of the marketing, sales, facility, and service performance would give you a global view.