What are specific topics in the sessions?

  • Marketing: Website copy and imagery, online search needs, social media posting and interaction, 3rd party listings, developing industry relationships, cultivating referral partners in-person and online, networking locally and nationally, leveraging referrals, CRM use, and gifiting.
  • Sales: Buyer's journey, setting and raising prices, inquiry responses, emailing, discovery meetings, asking the right questions, learning priorities, getting the budget, building trust, implicating needs, compelling proposal layout and content, in-person presentation and sales, follow-up schedule, overcoming objections, negotiating, working with concessions, making agreements, collecting payments, key performance indicators, automating workflows, and reporting.
  • Branding: Visual content, brand storytelling, company personality, color stories, font selection, logo design, personal grooming and attire, digital communication etiquette, social skills for networking, outclassing the competition, and modern dining etiquette.

What is guided project work?

You've got to work on your business rather than just in your business if you want to make real progress on meeting your goals. We all have our own blocks for not getting things done. At How to Fish Workshops you'll get the direction, support, and encouragement to tackle the biggest challenges facing your company's success.

During the 15+ hours of "cave" time you'll have a project list and mentor to work you through all the things you're trying to get done. Not sure about your discover questions for prospect meetings? Ask Katy. Need a second eye on the visual content for your site? Ask Kaleigh. Want to be sure you've got the right aspirational partners on our prospective referral list? Ask Sam. Want to make sure your email templates are polished and professional? Ask Julian.

It's like going back to college and doing study hall with the teacher assistants there to answer every question for you and provide direction on the next steps for you to succeed.

What event fields are allowed?

All of them. We've worked with business owners and pros in planning, design, photography, paper goods, venue, catering, d├ęcor, floral, rentals, and staffing. Instruction will be applicable to all fields.

When is the workshop?

We're currently working on Fall 2019 dates. Stay tuned!

What is the schedule?

Arrive Sunday in Seattle. We shuttle you up to Anacortes ferry terminal to reach San Juan Island. Smooth sailing to Friday Harbor and then a quick drive to Snug Harbor Resort. Settle in your accommodation, stretch your legs, then meet your fellow attendees and instructors. Casual welcome dinner and then off to bed.

Monday breakfast and then general sessions in the morning. Lunch. Individual time in the afternoon to complete work related to morning general session. Break. Dinner with Julian (aka The Dapper Diplomat) to how to entertain clients and colleagues with grace.

Tuesday breakfast and then small group sessions in the morning. Lunch. Individual time in the afternoon to complete work related to morning small-group sessions.

Wednesday breakfast and then general sessions in the morning. Lunch. Individual time in the afternoon to complete work related to morning general session. Break. Station dinner with Julian to learn and practice sophisticated party skills to make a memorable impression.

Thursday departures on shuttles or extra cave days to get work done.

Where is the workshop?

Snug Harbor Resort on San Juan Island, Washington. Sung Harbor is the ideal place to bring together 30 people in one spot, provide comfortable lodging right on the waterfront and close to each other. It's like a pop-up commune for savvy event pros to reboot their businesses.

Why on an island?

  1. Great things happen when you get out of your normal routine.
  2. Leave the stress of your daily grind.
  3. Make room in your life for the important things.
  4. Infuse your spirit with the reenergizing power of the sea.
  5. A little more work, a lot more reward.

What's the program fee cover?

  • 30 hours of direct instruction and guided project work
  • 2 evening educational programs
  • Welcome dinner
  • 3 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack breaks
  • Ground transportation
  • Ferry passes
  • Headshots
  • Video clips

How much for the program?

Early-bird program fees will be available to the first 15 who sign up.

What are the rooms like?

Amazing. Recently built, fully equipped cabins with stone showers and water views.

What kind of clothes?

Comfortable clothes. What ever you wear when you work from home is what you should bring with you. The resort has paved and gravel paths, so bring sneakers or boots. Rain coat is probably a good idea, and a fleece or sweater for each day. We will be out for dinner twice, so bring jeans and a top for the two "dressy" nights.

How do I get to the island?

We will have a shuttle from the Seattle airport to the Anacortes ferry terminal. From there, it's a 60- to 90-minute ride to Friday Harbor and then a 20-minute drive to Snug Harbor Resort. We will provide all transportation on the island, as well as the ferry and shuttle back to Seattle.

Can I stay an extra night or two?

Yes, if you want to stay an extra night or two at the resort you can. We can coordinate with you to make arrangements.

How available are the instructors?

Sam, Kaleigh, Julian, and Katy will be available from 8am-10pm each day. Instruction will occur mostly between 9-6pm. We want you to have access to information while you're here.