Ideaction Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions


+ Who’s this workshop for?

Event pros who want to make more money with their business. If you want to book more events, you’ll learn how. If you want to charge more, you’ll learn how. If you want to deliver better experiences for clients from the very beginning, you’ll learn how.

+ Will there be any fluff in the workshop?

Nope. None. Ask any of my 100+ clients and they’ll tell you I don’t mess around. Ever. Well, maybe I make some jokes here and there, but only to let you know I’m an actual human and not a money-making robot.

+ What will be covered in the workshop?

Every major skill needed to book more business by turning website visitors into clients:

  • Revenue plan and pricing
  • Perfect buyer personas
  • Comp set analysis
  • Website
  • Inquiry response
  • Discovery calls
  • Buyer types
  • Proposals
  • Testimonials
  • Booking meeting
  • Negotiations
  • Follow-ups
  • Referrals

+ How much experience do you need?

The information you’ll receive and work you’ll do will be sophisticated. But you don’t need to have tons of years in the industry to learn what I teach. Let’s be honest, most wedding pros who’ve been successful are either 1) lucky, 2) naturally talented, 3) charismatic, 4) well-connected, or 5) really good at their craft. Even the most seasoned pros don’t know the basics of extraordinary sales experiences.

If you have 5-10 years’ experience and want to raise rates, you’ll get what you need with the workshop. If you have 2 years’ experience and want to grab market share fast, you’ll get what you need from the workshop.

+ Who will be teaching the material?

Me (Sam Jacobson) and Katy Taylor Jacobson. We’ll have a team member with us to provide support, as well, but she’ll largely be behind the scenes and non-teaching.

+ Why should we believe the teachers know what they’re talking about?

I’m a full-time educator/coach/consultant for wedding pros. Prior to helping clients make millions more with their event companies, I directed operations for Todd Events, one of the biggest event producers in Texas and one of the top planning and décor companies in the country.

Way back when, I got my start selling and operating a resort venue in the Pacific Northwest where I sold 500+ events for nearly $10mm in sales directly to couples.

My current clients come from all over the country and work in all fields, especially photography, planning, entertainment, floral, venues, stationary, and rental companies.

Katy currently works as a copywriter for wedding pros who want to convert website visitors into wedding inquiries. She’s trained in helping wedding pros find their brand’s communication strategy, buyer personas, and comp set research. Katy’s past work includes over 20 years of direct sales experience in the luxury wedding industry, including 13+ years selling $20+mm to wedding couples with Four Seasons.

+ How many people will be at the workshop?

No more than 12 people. I’ve made this decision so you get the personal attention that’ll really get you going in the right direction. You’ll have full access to any and all information I have to make wedding pros more money.

+ What’s the schedule for each day?

On the day of arrival we’ll meet up for a casual hang at the host house and then enjoy a dinner together. Each of the next three days we’ll start with a breakfast at the host house, then do a couple hours of small-group instruction on a topic followed by coach-led project time on that same subject. We’ll break for lunch, and move into the afternoon with a new topic, instruction and guided project time. Get some down time before dinner, where we’ll keep the shop talk going or take a break with conversations about the mysteries of important topics like what’s the best tv show not on tv. After three days of this you’ll get a quick breakfast and then head out of town.

+ How much time will be devoted to instruction?

About 15 total hours, or five hours each day. We’ll break it up into two or three sections.

+ How much time will be devoted to putting into practice what we learn?

About 15 total hours, or five hours each day. You’ll do after each instructional section in the morning and afternoon.

+ What exactly is “coach-led project time?”

Time set aside for you to put into practice the things you’re learning at the workshop. The best part is Katy and I will be there to answer any question you have, repeat things you may have missed or need clarified from the presentations, and guide you to discover what you already know but can’t quite articulate on your own.

Basically, you’ll find a nook in the house to work in and we’ll wander around to check in and go over question and provide direction while you (and the other attendees) are working. It’s a great opportunity to get 1:1 time while you’re sorting out all the information and getting things done.

+ What will I leave the workshop with?

It’s super important for me to have you leave with much of the work done that you need to do to make more money. You should have enough time to complete:

  • 12-month revenue plan with sales targets
  • Sales Key Performance Indicator worksheet
  • 100-point website review with recommendations
  • Brand communication strategy with perfect buyer personas and messaging
  • Inquiry response and follow-up email templates
  • Discovery questions for inquiry calls
  • Proposal template
  • Review form to collect testimonials
  • Back pocket concessions for negotiations
  • Referral partner list and activity sheet

+ Will you provide a workbook?

Yes, but it may not be an entire book. Let’s call it a course book, one that gives you the step-by-step for all the sections we’ll cover. It’ll be a guide while you’re at the workshop and a reference for you when you leave.

+ Where’s the workshop?

Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

+ Where do I fly into?

Charleston is the closest airport, about 45 minutes away from the house.

+ When should I arrive?

We’ll be ready for you at the host house anytime after noon on Sunday.

+ When should I leave?

You’ve got to be out on Thursday by 10am.

+ What does your “casual atmosphere” look like?

We’ll be in a large, deluxe house, so the great room with couches and armchairs, as wells as the dining room table and kitchen bar area will be the primary instruction area. Slide decks will be on the tv. You’ll get break out workspaces around the house in whatever area is comfortable for you to work in. Meals will be in the kitchen and dining rooms.

Bring casual clothes (anything that’s stretchy is fine). I’ll likely be in jeans or sweat shorts when I teach. We may leave the house for one of the dinners, so bring something beside yoga pants and a sweatshirt…

+ Where do we sleep?

We’ll have a host house with extra bedrooms for a handful of attendees to stay at $150-200/night. It’s a large, deluxe house with a private ($200) or shared ($150) bedroom and a bathroom. Attendees staying with us will have extra time to pick my and Katy’s brain about their business and just chill. These spots are very limited.

We’ll also have some recommendations on nearby houses for you to get a private or shared bedroom in so you can also live like kings and queens.

Or, you can get a hotel room nearby in Kiawah or Charleston or some other place.

+ What do we eat?

The plan is to have a private chef take care of all the meals for us. Yep, you read that right. We’ll send out a questionnaire for you to let us know about food preferences and allergies. You’ll be served a welcome dinner upon arrival, breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/coffee for all three workshop days, and breakfast the morning of departure.

+ Will there be downtime for attendees?

Yes. It’s hard to process all the information you’re going to get, so I want to make sure you’re going to get head space to work through it all. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons this workshop is three days.

Between 7am-9pm you’ll have (approximately):

  • 5 hours of instruction
  • 5 hours of project time
  • 4 hours for meals

I don’t plan on having overnight work assigned to you, so you’ll have 10 hours each day to sleep or relax on your own or hang with other attendees.

+ Is all of this really included in the workshop fee?


+ What’s the payment schedule?

$1,000 deposit to secure your seat when you register. Then $747.50 on November 1 and $747.50 on December 1. I’m flexible on the payment approach if you need.