“Sam brings valuable perspective to his clients through a keen understanding of all aspects of the events world. His vast experience and respected relationships within the community make him a tremendous asset for any business.”

- Kristin Banta, Top Wedding Planner California Wedding Day 

“Sam has the most amazing advice when it comes to pricing and creating a plan for revenue.”

- Sylvie Gil, Top Photographer, Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart

“Sam received rave reviews and enthusiastic feedback after his presentation. His work on pricing struck a chord with all of our members and was relevant to a wide variety of business owners and event professionals.”

- Lindsay P. Sims, Top Wedding Planner by Vogue, Martha Stewart, and Southern Living

“Sam is naturally personable and strategic. Working side-by-side with him on collaborative projects, I have gained great knowledge from him on the sales process that I can use for my entire career.”

- Kaleigh Wiese, 2017 The Knot Wed 100 and 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

“Sam always offers a fresh perspective on the wedding industry with actionable strategies and practices that you can implement immediately.”

- Shannon Leahy, Top Wedding Planner and Designer by Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, and Martha Stewart

“Sam’s incredible insights and very practical knowledge has been invaluable.  He has helped us shape a sales process that has been extremely successful in the luxury market.”

- James + Schulze, Brides Magazine Best Photographers in the World

“Sam’s personable and honest demeanor makes it easy to take advice and direction from him.  His knowledge in sales tactics, team management, operations and business development have really changed the way I look at my own business.  He has made me grow as a business woman and entrepreneur.”

- Clara Hough, House of Hough, Linen Rentals, 2019 The Knot Pro Educator, Houston Business Journal 40 under 40

“I left our conversations feeling super empowered and with very tactical information. I knew what my next steps were going to be to generate new business - almost like I had an inside track on my competitors.”

- Julia Wade, Photographer

“Sam took the time to understand our business to provide the best possible advice for us. He genuinely cares about our success. Since we’ve implemented his suggestions our conversion rate and our confidence have increased substantially.”

- Lindsey and Cherish Conklin, Le Reve Films, Videographer, 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

"Sam provides incredible great ideas for business referrals and he leads me to the right path when it comes to how-tos on sales. His personality and kindness and creativity make him a wonderful and fun person to work with."

- Tamara Gruner, Photographer

“Sam is one of the best business presenters I have seen in the events industry. He uses his real world experience to help leading event professionals across the country optimize their pricing strategy, increase sales and create scalable processes. I really appreciate his straightforward presentation style and real-world storytelling that make his sessions engaging and fun.”

- Julie Roth Novack, PartySlate Founder/CEO

“Sam walks me through the nuts and bolts of what I need to do with my pricing and sales work. He’s made it easy to understand and use with prospective clients.”

- Jacqueline Hill, PartySlate Top 50 Event Planners, Special Event Top 25 Event Pros to Watch

“Sam provides specific how-tos I’ve used to grow sales. Every conversation we have leads me to feel more confident in my next sales meeting and assists my clients in having a greater level of understanding in their purchase.”

- Julian Leaver aka The Dapper Diplomat, Luxury Personal Brand Expert and 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

“Sam offered valuable insight into unique strategies to stand out from the competition. I immediately put a couple of specific ones into practice and I received amazing feedback as soon as I started implementing them.”

- Jacqui Cole, Photographer 

“Sam is like having your own personal business therapist. He truly listens and then offers tangible advice I can implement into a course of action, and then he follows up until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. He’s so enjoyable to talk to and I appreciate his wit, his honesty and how knowledgeable he is about our industry. If I run an issue or idea by him, I know his advice is going to be backed up by years of experience and knowledge and I really appreciate the sounding board nature of our working relationship.”

- Heather Dwight, Calluna Events, Planner, Top Wedding Planner by Brides

“When I think long-term strategy for my business, Sam’s a trusted advisor. The recommendations I’ve taken have been successful and steer me in the right direction.”

- Heather KingenSmith, Photographer

“Sam has a matter-of-fact approach in his recommendations and his strategic thought processes apply across a wide spectrum of business. I value his insight and candor when I consult his professional opinion for pivotal decision making."

- John Cain Sargent, Photographer

“I cannot recommend Sam’s expertise and business-savvy advice enough. He has a way of looking at things from the most granular to the most grand overhead view and is able to break down the necessary steps to take your business to the next level. I leave every conversation with Sam with an immediate take-away that I'm able to implement directly into my business, without any of the usual fluff you experience from other mentors in the industry. With his incredibly knowledgable background in pricing structures, high-level sales, and business-building strategies, Sam should be your go-to guy when you're ready to step things up.”

- Brian Leahy, Top Wedding Photographer California Wedding Day and 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

“Sam’s approach to sales, marketing and client communication gave me a whole new insight. I have seen amazing results in my business, and have transformed many leads to bookings using his methods and techniques.”

- Ava Belle, International Beauty Stylist

“I always feel like I’m moving in the right direction after Sam and I talk about my business. Possibly most important, he has been an incredible support to me personally.  He listens without judgement, advises with my best interests in mind based on the goals we have identified together, and gives me peace of mind that I have support whenever it is needed.”

- Jill Livingston, Eclectic Hive (Event Design and Rentals)

“Sam presented a comprehensive strategy for how to capture a sale. His presentation flowed easily and provided easy take away points. I highly recommend him to other wedding groups and feel that his subject is valuable to anyone in the wedding business!”

- Emily Campbell, President, Colorado WIPA, 2019 The Knot Pro Educator, and Bella Design & Planning

"I've seen Sam's savvy, practical, and creative set-yourself-apart sales insights have been immensely beneficial to our strategy for sales and pricing in our growing business, and I have been so grateful for his expertise."

- Stefanie Miles, Planner and Designer

“Sam and I talked about pricing and he gave me the tactics to book more business during non-peak periods. I’ve seen huge and immediate increases in revenues using his methods.”

- Eric Kelley, Top Photographer by Martha Stewart and Harper’s Bazaar

“Sam has been a great cheerleader and support system as I build my business.  Every time I speak with him, I come away with solutions to the challenges of my start up.  His advice is always sound and he has a calming effect that helps me see more clearly what my next steps should be.”

- Sarah Jennings, Working Wear

“When I was at a crossroads with my business, Sam was a calm and steady hand in guiding me through it. He suggested some emergency steps that would make an immediate impact. Sam goes beyond the regular coaching calls and is able to walk the fine line of caring about your well-being as well as your business.”

- DJ Brian Buonassissi, 2019 The Knot Pro Educator

“Sam takes complex sales information and makes it easy to understand by walking people through it in simple terms. The how-to’s he offers can be applied to the next sales meeting.”

- Julie Mead, VP of B2B Marketing for The Knot

“Sam is one of a kind. He listens to the concern at hand, finds a clear and concise way to offer concrete advice, and makes it easy for his clients to take what he has shared and put it into immediate action. We may agree to disagree sometimes, but Sam’s no nonsense style and knowledge of sales and pricing strategies is perfect for new businesses or those looking to grow their business and find ways to achieve greater profitability.”

- Amy Zaroff, Planner 

“Sam did an extremely comprehensive job at giving me all the action steps I needed to level up my business. From website goals to network building and everything in between. He cares and gives his time generously, and definitely went above and beyond many times throughout our sessions. I loved his introductions that he made for me when I was traveling to new cities. Just make sure you can manage your time well, he'll give you plenty of real work to do to improve your business!”

-Phillip Van Nostrand, Photographer