Service Options



Quick and focused, targeted services offer clients quick results for clear problems.  Checking a website from a user's perspective with a summary evaluation is a great example.  Another would be rewriting a lame sales proposal template to make it more compelling, persuasive and appealing. These incisive activities can provide the kind of tweaks that offer excellent bang for the buck and get you more business without investing a lot of money to outsource answers.

Work Sessions

These amped brainstorming sessions yield real results through collaborative back-and-forths.  A weekly routine provides a solid accountability partner for you to use for motivation and ideas over time, and immersive blocks of time gain quick traction for exponential growth in bursts to kickstart a stalled business.  To be clear, this isn't traditional coaching that evolves into zen-like questioning and pseudo-life-coaching.  No, I focus on getting results for your business. My wide range of experience in events, hotels, restaurants, retail, travel, and design mean I can jump right in to many businesses.


Businesses run into problems when they try to execute and strategize at the same time.  It rarely works.  Outsourcing a specialty project is the best way to handle situations when you need extraordinary work done.  Developing an effective marketing program is not something to leave to your office manager.  Sales programs should not be developed by sales managers.  Creative types should not seek out and build a CRM from scratch.  While all these projects are necessary for successful businesses, you should leave it to a professional contractor with proven temp results to get the job done.  


Popular Outcomes

Samples of activities done and projects completed for clients:

Retain and refer marketing program

Website rewrite

Budget template with first-year numbers

Pricing strategy

Employee recruitment

Competitive set analysis

CRM research, set-up and implementation

Sales proposal rewrite

Market research survey 

Perfect buyer persona creation

Electronic payment and signature system


Website rebuild

Pop-up shop strategy development

Handout creation

Launch party planning

Profit and loss audit

Inventory procurement analysis

Workflow analysis

Email marketing campaign 

Press releases written

Social media campaign

Product launch