360 Evaluations

The first step to solving any problem is to identify the major issues. What you think is causing the challenges is probably just a symptom. A full review of where you've been and where you are creates the simplest and most successful path forward.

Includes regularly scheduled calls, as-needed correspondence via email and text, full marketing and sales program evaluation, comprehensive recommendation report, and tactical sales advice for real-time prospective clients.   


Project guide

Not every issue requires a complex problem-solving process. You know what needs to be done, but the way through isn't as easy to spot. You need someone who's traveled the path already. Using a guide makes progress faster, easier, and less risky.

Projects are usually directed at goals like improving sales conversion rates, generating productive referrals, organizing the team, and pricing services optimally.   


compass consultations

Sometimes you just need to know what direction to head in. If you're off by only a little in the beginning you could end off by a lot more months down the road. Get advice early in the process, and then check in at milestones along the way to keep you en route.

More like traditional coaching than any other service I offer, we'll do over-the-phone workshopping to ensure you're within the guide posts established during a project. Sales version includes a three-hour workshop on how to convert more pieces of business.


Sales & Marketing Workshops

Most event pros don't have any sales or marketing experience before owning their own business. Unfortunately, creative and technical skills don't get you very far when creating awareness and converting pieces of business. 

Ideaction Consulting is hosting a workshop later this winter that takes six months of sophisticated sales and marketing how-to's and compacts into four days of rigorous work on your business.