Success Stories

Driven, entrepreneurial and whip-smart with a healthy dose of practical experience. Yet it’s the actions of this well-rounded executive and leader that speak volumes. In two companies, I’ve watched Sam paint a compelling vision, validate the financial cost structure, sell the idea, service or product to the client and then marshal the efforts of others to execute. It’s an uncommon combination of skills possessed by an uniquely gifted leader.

Business owners and leaders often need a wing-man, someone to complement the skill sets that built their companies and made them successful. If you are looking for a ringer to take your company to the next level by way of exponential rather than incremental improvement, take a look at Sam’s achievements, then have a conversation. He may be the game-changer you’re looking for.
— Laura Moriarty, Principal, Tahoe Training Partners
For nearly a decade, I have called on Sam to help guide me through the challenges of starting, growing and managing successful businesses. Sam’s pragmatism goes well with his highly creative and intuitive nature, giving him qualities I find to be very unique. His advice has proven valuable and his follow-through falls nothing short of impeccable. Sam’s insatiable thirst for learning has created a vast knowledge base that has not just been retained, it has been refined. I feel very fortunate to have Sam in my corner.
— dustin wolfe, owner, oregon native drilling
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam for nearly 10 years. He is a genuine, charismatic and consummate professional who does everything with excellence. Sam is a brilliant strategist, always seeking ways to develop new and strengthen existing relationships with key industry professionals, thus ensuring their and his success. He doesn’t just excel at sales, he thrives at the opportunity to help his clients understand the benefits and value of the service offerings he can provide. I have the utmost respect for Sam and offer my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to have him as part of their team.
— Travis McBurney, Owner, True Colors Events and UNION Showcase


About Me


Hi, MY NAME IS sam

I am a problem finder, solution seeker and business driver.  I focus on possibilities, challenges, outcomes, usefulness, and problem-solving.  Mostly I want to see action, and I want a lot of it in a short time period.  My motto is, "If it works, let's do it."

For over 15 years in the hospitality and event industries, I've led teams to sell more than $50mm in departmental revenue, provided oversight for more than 200,000 labor hours, developed award-winning new business models and turned around many that were struggling.  I've held leadership roles in sales, recruiting, operations, and marketing, and I'm conversant in accountant-ese.  

I do my best work partnering with people who want to collaborate to make an idea better and/or use me to put action behind the ideas.